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Private Lessons

We also offer private surf lessons for individuals, groups, and families.  These are on an hourly basis and include beach and water instruction.  

This option is great for kids and adults that need a little help jump-starting their surfing without going to camp.  Lessons are offered everyday and set up by appointment.  

We offer beginning to advanced surf instruction and everything in between!!


What’s Included?

  • Water Safety Instruction
  • 1:3 Instructor to Student Ratio
  • Surf Lessons
  • Surfboards Provided (soft top for beginners!)
  • Surfing Etiquette
  • Games and Beach FUN
  • Surfboard Design Expertise from Shaper Jesse McCrery
  • T-Shirts… Surf Camp Certificate… Healthy Snacks… 
  • Watermelon Race and Awards on Thursday!

Why OIB Surf Camp?

With safety being our highest priority, our experienced instructors build a lesson plan focused on creating a fun, safe, environment to learn one of the world’s coolest sports.

We take what we do very seriously and understand the great responsibilities that come with practicing water activities.

That’s why we’ve assembled a team with a hyper focus on these core values. Let’s meet the team below.  

Marty Metzner

Our Story

Longest running Surf Camp on Ocean Isle Beach!

OIB Surf Camp got its start in 1992 when middle school teacher, Marty Mentzer, decided to spread the love of surfing to kids in her community… it has since expanded to surfers from NC and beyond… as far away as South Africa!!

Marty got her introduction to surfing at Shallotte Middle, as coach of the Shallotte Shredders Surf Team from 1989-1992. She had previously been a Water Safety Instructor and Lifeguard in Williamsburg Va. from 1982-1987. Upon moving to the beach, she took up the sport of surfing with the support of her students. She began competitive surfing in 1991 and is still competing in the Eastern Surfing Association competitions and Wahine contests among others. Marty has surfed at the National level in United States Surfing Federation (USSF) Championships held in California, Texas, and Hawaii. She has traveled to Central America many times and has conducted surf lessons and camps since 1992. She is looking forward to the another awesome summer of Surf Camp at Ocean Isle Beach, NC. 

Meet the Team

Jesse McCrery

Jesse McCrery

Jesse McCrery has been surfing forever. He is the owner of JM Surfboards where he shapes custom made surfboards for surfers up and down the East Coast. As a child, Jesse spent most of his days surfing and exploring the coast, traveling wherever the best surf could be found. As a 5 time East Coast Surfing Champion, Jesse had the opportunity to travel the world, spending time in a handful of beach towns. After high school Jesse began his professional career as a surfboard shaper, starting his own line of custom handmade surfboards. JM Surfboards was started in 2000 and continues on today, still handshaped by Jesse in Ocean Isle Beach. Jesse continued to hone his creative talents in the building industry as a custom finish carpenter, working with a successful area builder. Ultimately it was Jesse’s love for people and surfing that led him to open a Retail and Coffee Shop in Ocean Isle Beach in 2011 which he sold in 2016. Jesse continues to share his passion for the ocean with children as co-owner of OIB Surf Camp

Cole Fickes

Hey I’m Cole. I’ve lived in the  Ocean Isle Beach area my whole life. I’ve been surfing here since I was 4, so I’ve been surfing about 9 years. I’ve worked at OIB Surf Camp for several years and I’ve loved every minute of it. If I’m not surfing, I’m out skating or fishing.

Cian Post

Cian Post

My name is Cian Post, I took surfing lessons from you this past summer in Holden Beach. I’m a 15 year old freshman at Ashley High School in Wilmington. I have been swimming competitively for seven years and have two years of lifeguard classes under my belt. As well, I have eight years of surfing experience and have attended several camps over the years.

Julia Super

Julia Super

At 16 year old, Julia Super took her first surf lesson from Jesse when she was 8 years old. She hated walking on the shells of OIB but quickly learned to love surfing more! As a part time resident of sunset beach, Julia started attending oib surf camp and hasn’t looked back! Julia loves all things ocean!  She volunteers with the sunset beach sea turtle patrol, teaches about conservation and sea turtles to elementary students in her hometown, of Chambersburg Pennsylvania.  Someday soon, she will convince her parents that beach life is better than mountain life and she will be living with her toes in the sand!

Katie Brown

Fifteen year old Katie (also known as Kit Kat) started surfing with OIB surf camp when she was twelve years old. At five she looked at her parents and told them she could feel the ocean calling to her, and she has been answering the call ever since. Katie is a NC native, but she lives in the Piedmont most of the year. Otherwise she’d surf all year long. When she is not in the water, Katie is a competitive Irish dancer, whose competition schedule keeps her on the road a lot. She also enjoys working on fixing up her 1998 Jeep Cherokee with her dad. As a biomedical technology major at her high school, Katie has her eyes on medical school in the future. Ultimately, she wants to be a forensic anthropologist with a specialty in osteology. Or she wants to research sharks. Sharks are her favorite.

Adison Milligan

A born local to Brunswick County, Adison will be 14 in July 2021. She has been with OIB Surf Camp for 3 years, however she has been a fish all her life. Adison loves swimming, boogie boarding, surfing, and just hanging out at the beach!

Mason Owens

Mason Owens rode his first wave at OIB Surf Camp when he was 6 years old and is responsible for turning his entire family on to the wonderful sport of surfing.  His favorite pastime is smacking the lip and shredding the gnar… He’s surfed OIB, Carolina Beach, Wrightsville Beach, Fort Fisher, Cape Lookout, & Puerto Rico. Mason enjoys skating his backyard halfpipe when the waves aren’t cooperating. During the summer of 2020, Mason acquired his junior boating license. He has a true passion to always be near the sea.

Jemma Dimock

Jemma is fourteen and has been surfing with OIB Surf Camp since she was 7 years old. Her family lives in New Hampshire, but has a condo on OIB. Jemma is looking forward to coming back to OIB this summer to work camp again. Her mom told me “we are  sending Jesse a deposit on a longboard for next summer.  She plays both basketball and softball,  plays piano and flute and avid snowboarder in the winter. Also does highland dancing. And she loves to surf!!! 😊

Carson Hicks

Carson is 15 and his family has a house on OIB. He recently joined the Surf Camp Team 3 years ago. He love’s helping people learn how to surf almost as much as he loves surfing!

See You Out There!


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