Welcome to OIB Surf Camp

The longest running surf camp on Ocean Isle Beach, NC

What’s Included?

Surf Etiquette

With a 1:3 instructor to student ratio, OIB Surf Camp ensures that all students learn proper etiquette when it comes to catching waves.

Water Safety Instructions

OIB Surf Camp places a special focus on water safety ensuring that our students know how to read surf conditions and learn proper safety protocols when it comes to being in the water.

Sweet T-shirt

Along with our Special Surftificate of completion, each student is awarded with a special OIB Surf Camp T-Shirt upon completion.

When is Camp?

Summer 2021 Dates Announced!


Monday-Thursday 8am-11am

June 14-17

June 21-24

June 28- July 1 

July 5-8

July 12-15

July 19-22

July 26-29 (Advanced Camp)


How do I Sign Up?

Download the registration form (below) and email it to: Martysurf83@gmail.com

Write the week you would like in the Subject Line

For info on where to send your $100 deposit, call:

(910) 200-3469

Have Questions?

Drop us a line anytime!

Meet the OIB Team

Marty Mentzer

Marty got her introduction to surfing at Shallotte Middle, as coach of the Shallotte Shredders Surf Team from 1989-1992

Jesse McCrery

He’s the owner of JM Surfboards where he shapes custom made surfboards for surfers up and down the East Coast.  

Mason Owens

Mason Owens rode his first wave at OIB Surf Camp when he was 6 years old and is responsible for turning his entire family on to the wonderful sort of surfing.

Julia Super

At 16 year old, Julia took her first surf lesson from Jesse when she was 8 years old.

Jemma Dimock

Jemma is fourteen and has been surfing with OIB Surf Camp since she was 7 years old. Her family lives in New Hampshire, but has a condo on OIB.

Katie Brown

Fifteen year old Katie (also known as Kit Kat) started surfing with OIB surf camp when she was twelve years old. At five she looked at her parents and told them she could feel the ocean calling to her, and she has been answering the call ever since. Katie is a NC native, but she lives in the Piedmont most of the year. Otherwise she’d surf all year long. When she is not in the water, Katie is a competitive Irish dancer, whose competition schedule keeps her on the road a lot. She also enjoys working on fixing up her 1998 Jeep Cherokee with her dad. As a biomedical technology major at her highs chool, Katie has her eyes on medical school in the future. Ultimately, she wants to be a forensic anthropologist with a specialty in osteology. Or she wants to research sharks. Sharks are her favorite.

Cole Fickes

Hey I’m Cole. I’ve lived in the  Ocean Isle Beach area my whole life. I’ve been surfing here since I was 4, so I’ve been surfing about 9 years.

OIB Surf Camp in Action

See You Out There!


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